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Unclaimed Royalty Collection

For artists, bands, and rights-holders

The Seamless 'unclaimed royalty collections' is a group of entertainment experts brought together to provide a service for the artist, copyright holders, and record labels. The challenges of the music industry are very complex and involve several moving parts with music businesses, organizations, governments, and music consumers transacting in real-time empowering trillions of uses of music and generating billions in revenue for millions of copyright-holders and income participants globally. 

The seamless team provides an unclaimed royalty collection service for artists, bands, and rights-holders. We help solve this by acting on behalf of rights-holders and music creators to provide extensive research and clarity on their entitlement in certain unclaimed royalties and music licenses, for example from streaming, radio, and record sales. We make sure the rights-holders are receiving all the royalties they're owed.

Working with the entertainment community

Publishing and unclaimed royalty tracking

  • Monitoring and tracking the use of the artist's music they own ensuring that proper payment is made for all licensed uses

  • Unclaimed royalty collection for artist, bands, and rights-holders, collecting outstanding money for the artist which have been lost in the system; PRS, MCPS, On-line royalties, TV ads, etc

  • Making royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the usage of their music

Office location with a hive of activity


  • Securing commissions for new works and helping to coordinate workflow

  • Registering the works of songwriters and composers with all appropriate collecting societies and agencies, eg PRS for music 

  • Ensuring all titles are registered in all the required territories

  • We check and double-check all our registrations

  • Responding to new licensing opportunities that flow from technological developments

Mobile phone with Spotify logo

Collecting streaming revenue

  • Seamless will keep you connected to as many channels as possible, including tracking the music usages across multiple streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Google Music. 

  • We’re always engaging new players and ideas to make sure our client's rights are properly managed.

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