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The Entertainment Engine's podcast series was set up and created by Seamless Entertainment in 2020 to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV for bands, artists, actors, songwriters & creatives. It is one of thebest entertainment podcasts for music, film & TV. The podcast show has gained popularity over the past few years, with the knowledge and information from our seasoned entertainment team, with great podcast guests interviews from music, film & TV. 


We have informal chats with our guests on the show providing their knowledge and expertise, supported by the Seamless team giving helpful tips, knowledge, advice, and professional experience for our listeners. We also keep our special guests and listeners updated with industry news, fun facts, and trends. You can listen to the podcast show on your favourite podcast platform; Apple podcast, Spotify, Castbox, Google podcast plus many more...

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Step into the creative world of music, film, and TV where we provide various information on the entertainment industry for our readers and listeners.

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