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Frequently Asked Questions

We started this service to provide podcast interviews tailored for entertainment professionals working within the music, film and TV. We run our own podcast show 'The Entertainment Engine' working with renowned guests, passing on solid information for our listeners. Our seasoned team has over three decades of experience, and understand many facets of the entertainment landscape. 

''We are well placed to help you reach your goals and aspirations in the podcast community''.

Do I get to talk to my booking agent on the phone and via email?

Yes! Communication is very important to us. Our Booking Agents are full-time at Seamless Entertainment. 

We email our clients weekly with scheduling and updates during the booking process, keeping everything transparent and you will be given a direct phone number for your Agent.

What are the benefits of being a podcast guest?

Being a guest on a podcast establishes you and your company. It helps to boost your reputation whilst driving more traffic and (potential clients) to your site.

Each episode is great marketing content for you.

Each episode is quality content that can be re-purposed for your website and social media channels.

Hosts post your episodes to their websites with show notes giving organic back-links to your site,  increasing your SEO and awareness.

By delivering valuable advice and experience from your expertise you are helping to build a global community. 

What sort of podcast shows will you book me on?

With our extensive experience within Entertainment, we fully understand many areas of the industry, therefore we make sure all interviews will be on shows within your areas of expertise and target audience. 

We only book well-established podcasts, that are consistently producing good quality content and interviews.

We only work with podcast hosts who are reliable and consistent in posting their show/ interview episodes to their website, social media and back-linking to the guest's website

How long will it take for my interviews to be released on air?

Monthly we plan and confirm a set number of interviews according to your subscription plan. Depending on the availability of your calendar schedule and the host of the podcast show,  your interview recording dates may not be scheduled within that same month. This is completely normal as show hosts can be known to schedule guest interviews 4-8 weeks out. It may then take an additional 2-4 weeks to edit and air the episode.  We keep in touch with the podcast host and keep you updated on the interview and when it will be released.

What guarantee is there with your booking service? 

We are a personal and friendly team, and we pride ourselves on providing professional and quality bookings.  

If we book an interview for you that is cancelled for any reason by the host of the show, we’ll organise a booking replacement for you free of charge. 

Do you know the audience size of each podcast I am interviewed on?

Podcast statistics are not public knowledge. Therefore, we do not always know the exact size of the podcasts we book clients on. However, we can assure you that the podcast shows we will book you on are well established. The podcast community is growing and growing. 

For example in the USA alone - According to Edison Research, 41% (116 million) listened to a podcast in the last month, and 22% listen to podcasts weekly.

How do I get the best Return On Investment (ROI) from my interviews?

You can do many things to achieve the most value out of your podcast interview and overall experience. Try to have a call-to-action for listeners if you can. For example, you may have a new book, a new film project, new music, a new business venture you wish to promote, or some type of free resource like a PDF guide, that listeners can download when they visit your site.

By doing this it will bring you more traffic and help grow your mailing list and network. In addition, hosts will send a link when your episode goes live on various podcasting platforms, including Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify and much more. Be sure to post your interview to your social media channels, and to share it among your network, on your website and mailing list. 

How do I get started?

Simply go ahead and complete our application form here. We will review your details and get back to you via email within 48 hours. 

If you then wish to speak to someone from the team, we’ll schedule a call. When you are ready to begin the service, we’ll send you an invoice to get started. The service is billed at the beginning of each booking month.

If you have some more questions. Please contact the podcast booking team;

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