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Music Industry Courses,

Mentoring & Consultancy Services

It's the team's passion to inspire music industry professionals, delivering music, advice, knowledge, and support for our clients through a seamless service. We pride ourselves on our unique offering, with clear and concise information from seasoned entertainment executives supporting our clients across their entertainment journey with a choice of music industry courses and mentoring programs.

The courses and mentoring program is for NEW creatives and existing entertainment creatives who want to learn more and brush up on their music industry knowledge with a masterclass or course program. The team is also providing consultancy and subscription, services to help cater to the creative community. 

Below is a list of some of the mentoring and course offerings to be launched by the team.


Artist Management, Music festival structure & Financing, The music business overview and 

Record label set up!

"Do you want to take your music career to the next level?"

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Seamless Entertainment team

Course Leader and Mentor  

Peter Moore - Co-Director Seamless Entertainment

An introduction to the music business courses, mentoring program, and masterclasses. It is the team's passion to inspire the next music industry professionals, to deliver exceptional music industry, advice, knowledge, and support for creatives pursuing a career in the music business.

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    Music Industry Courses

    Music business masterclasses, with seasoned music industry executives to help guide your music career. 

    Music Festival Structure & Financing Options - COMING SOON

    Artist Management - COMING SOON


    Record label Set up  

    Band/Artists ready to perform a live set

    The Music Business


    Unique masterclasses, designed to show you exactly how the music business operates across multiple areas.

    The Music Business Overview - COMING SOON

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    Mentoring & Consultancy

    Our team of music industry executives is here to advise and support your project from start to finish.

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    "We believe in the highest quality music business advice, support, and mentorship from music industry professionals".

    Seamless Entertainment team

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    "Taking control of your own music career. The team is passionate about helping to create the next generation of music artists and leaders".

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    "There has never been a more exciting time to work in the music industry to create your own identity"! 

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